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Artist Statement:

When I was wee, I started writing stories like this one:

Natty Story 1Natty Story 2

Natty Story 3Natty Story 4

By age 6, I had written 43 of them - it was my first artistic foray. Now at age 26, I live in NE Los Angeles. I am captivated by the expressive possiblities of painting. As an artist I seek to communicate spirit and vibrance of a moment or of a dream.

Many Blessings to You,




The Art of Natalie tells a story. It is a story of Mother Nature in motion; spilling forth, smoldering through, flying off, and taking root. It is a story of the elements of nature; camouflaged as tubes of paint, unscrewed by imagination, and unfurled onto canvass in strokes of passion and love. It is a story of creation; complete with supreme beings, mythical creatures and the beauty of nature. The story braids creativity, spirituality, and technique into a seamless tale about a woman's endless reincarnations of spirit into form: there is Natalie curled a cat's arching back, and again in the petals of lotus blossom. This is the Art of Natalie.

The Art of Natalie is also a practice. It is a practice of communicating joy and finding moments of beauty. Like waiting to catch a glowing firefly, cradling its magic in your palms and then letting it go, it is a practice of patience and humility. Natalie's artwork is a visual manifestation of this practice, of shutting out voices of negativity and fear, and tuning into the stillness within.

Natalie Egnatchik began painting as a form of storytelling at an early age. She attended Pitzer College, where delved into art through multimedia design. Upon graduation, she was hired by the Mission Renaissance Program, an art academy based on cultivating skills to access the artist within. In the process of acquiring the program's specific painting techniques, Natalie developed a solid body of watercolor and oil paintings while honing her technical skills. She currently facilitates a youth art studio through Mission Renaissance.

As an artist, Natalie "seeks to communicate the spirit and vibrancy of a moment or of a dream." Her focus on capturing the fleeting shadows of emotion and intuition gives her work an ethereal quality. Her work communicates this sense of magic and play, grabbing the viewer with well-formed fruits and animals, but keeping her captivated through intense emotional undertones. Natalie is an alchemist of color and can lift spirits and transforms moods with a shadow or lightened hue. "I'm moving from a place of anger to a place of peace," she has said of her work.

Through her own personal evolution, Natalie has begun to work on expressing the higher self through her art. Her transformational paintings represent the appearance of the flesh and simultaneously capture the evanescence of the spirit. They illustrate the caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly stages personal metamorphosis on one explosive canvas.

Her representation of both the inner and outer lives of her subjects as equally valid makes her work feminist by nature. In addition to representing the spirit of woman, Natalie subverts the traditional portrayal of the female nude as an object of male sexual desire. She reclaims women's bodies as subjects of beauty and power that exude sensuality and vibrancy. Viewing Natalie's women feels like reading intimate love letters that don't belong to you. There is a rawness to her work that emanates from Natalie's own vulnerability as an artist.

To tap into her intuitive self, she begins by removing all visual clutter from her life (including television). As a conduit for creativity, she surrounds herself with a spiritually nourishing environment. Her art reflects spirituality and creativity as two sides of the same coin; the process and the product inextricably intertwined. By traveling a spiritual pathway, Natalie has access to universal creative energy and oneness that translates through her work. Despite her need for solitude, Natalie also strives to create public art that reflects her social consciousness and provides a space for community participation.

Her interest in public art is an extension of her belief that art is unfinished without a viewer. You see, the Art of Natalie tells a story through visual magical realism. She makes us question what is real and what is perceived, who is the dreamer and who is the dreamed, and if this distinction can be made at all. Natalie has given you, the viewer, the privilege of finishing the stories in her painting with your own imagination and unique perception. She is a generous creator who left space for you to create (cruelty free and with love, of course). We could all learn from the Art of Natalie.

                                                                                                -Alizah Rose 




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